Traffic Monitoring And Analytics

A reverse proxy is deployed in front of web applications and can analyze bi-directional web-based (HTTP) traffic. This allows you to monitor, detect and block malicious traffic to your web application.

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SSL / TLS Encryption Offload

Reverse proxy can perform SSL (or TLS) encryption to take load off of your web servers, thereby boosting their performance. It can decrypt all incoming requests and encrypt all outgoing responses, freeing up valuable resources from application servers.

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Load Balancing

Load balancing distributes your traffic evently across your backend servers to prevent any single server from becoming overloaded. The aim of load balancing is to optimize the use of available resources, maximize throughput, minimize response time, and avoid overload of any single resource.

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Rate Limiting

Reverse proxy can perform rate limiting to stop attackers from requesting web resources too often. Rate limiting allows to slow down the rate of incoming requests and even requests can be denied beyond a specific threshold.

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Securing the Web Server Infrastructure

A reverse proxy can hide the infrastructure of your back-end servers by removing the need for direct internet access to them by intercepting requests.

Caching and Data Compression

A reverse proxy can cache content / static resources and compressing inbound / outbound data, resulting in faster performance.

URL Rewriting

The proxy rewrites URLs so that the underlying infrastructure is not exposed to the attackers and improves SEO scores with seo friendly URLs.

IP / Location / Device based traffic restriction

A reverse proxy allows you to restrict your traffic to specific network (or IP addresses), region (or countries), device types (desktops or mobiles) and timezones.

Block Access to Unauthorized Users

You can block access to users who are not logged in or not authenticated. Only users logged in with your Identity Providers or Federated Identities can be allowed to access your resources.

miniOrange Reverse Proxy

Some companies build their own reverse proxies, but this requires intensive software and hardware engineering resources, as well as a significant investment in physical hardware. So to save you from all this hassle we at miniorange provide you with a top-notch Reverse Proxy to help you get things working with ease.

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