Brute Force Attack Protection


Brute Force Attack is the simplest kind of trial-error method seeks to determine an unknown value. This attack is seen as a practical way of breaking encryption mechanisms.

Hackers use a computer program that’s configured to attempt entry by trying usernames, along with millions of password combinations. For example, if the length of the key is known to be 5 alphabetic characters, a brute force would try every possible combination from a – z. Brute force attacks are a serious threat which affecting millions of accounts and tarnishing a business’s reputation. Apart from targeting login credentials, It is also used for guessing hidden pages or content, one-time passcodes, credit card numbers etc.

There are two types of Brute Force Attacks-

    • Dictionary Attack- This attack will use words from dictionary and literature, or list of common passwords to guess your password.
    • Search Attack- This type of attack is very slow because it will contain every combination of character set and a password length range.

To protect your website against this attack miniOrange provide Brute Force Protection. This protects your site from attacks which try to gain access/login to a site with random usernames and passwords. We help you protect your website against brute force login attacks by blocking an IP address of the hacker after a specified limit of failed login attempts within a specified time. Brute Force Attacking is more like a guesswork, so it takes a lot of attempts to get it right, limiting the number of attempts won’t give a hacker the chance to get it right.

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