Malware Protection

malware protection

The word malware is a combination of two words “malicious” and “software”. These software programs designed to damage or do other unwanted actions on a computer system. Malicious programs can be delivered physically to a system through a USB drive or other means. They can often spread via the internet through drive-by-download(for example-pop up message).

There are various types of malware including spyware, keyloggers, true viruses, worms, or any type of malicious code that infiltrates a computer. Malware like Trojan horses does not replicate themselves, but they can damage a system badly. These generally come in the form of screensavers or free games.  A virus is the most common type of malware, that can execute itself and spreads by infecting other programs or files.

The ways in which malware attacks a computer include:
  • Email malware attacks which come through the infected email attachments
  • Instant messaging attacks through email attachments
  • File sharing is another way of the malware attack, in which malware attacks through file-sharing programs.

Today, much of malware is created for profit through forced advertising (adware) or to extort money (ransomware). Malicious hackers sent a link that will redirect users to a fake login an attempt to steal their credentials. The best way to get rid of malware is to use a malware removal tool. We provide you Malware Scanner plugin which can detect web malware, attacks, harms your server. It provides real protection against malware attacks. It checks whether your website contains any hidden and harmful files which show an impact on your system. It also checks the database to identify injected queries which can harm your database.

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