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What is a Reverse Proxy?

A Reverse Proxy is a server that sits in front of one or main origin servers. The reverse proxy server intercepts all the traffic received from the client. The reverse proxy server will then send the requests and receive responses from the origin servers.

This way a reverse proxy server ensures that no user can see the backend server communications and server layouts to potentially attack them. This way you can keep the backend light and let the reverse proxy handle all the security protocols on behalf.

This way no client can directly communicate with the origin servers and potentially find information about server architecture.

Major benefit of a reverse proxy

In some situations, organizations would love to monitor the requests your server gets hit with daily. Website traffic monitoring is primarily done to keep a record of website performance, stability, and overall user experience. The key objective is to evaluate the website's performance from the end-users' standpoint. This could help the organization in many ways.

  1. Target specific audience - Let’s say the organization gets more requests from India and with this information they can target the Indian audience more and hence increase their revenue in many ways.

  2. Monitor Malicious Requests - Let’s say a hacker wants to attack the organization and cause potential harm to the servers resulting in loss of revenue. The organization can start acting on the types of attacks and prevent potential loss

  3. Analysis of Demand - If the demand for the web page requests increases they can be monitored and hence a proper load balance method can be set up before the demand overflows server capacities making them crash and lose customers.

How to implement a reverse proxy?

Some companies build their own reverse proxies, but this requires intensive software and hardware engineering resources, as well as a significant investment in physical hardware. So to save you from all this hassle we at miniorange provide you with a top-notch Reverse Proxy to help you get things working with EEZ. Make sure to check out the other services we provide along with traffic monitoring and analysis.

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