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Why You Need A Captive Portal for Internal Networks ?

The captive portal would allow any device to be authenticated and authorized whenever they connect to your internal network.Captive Portals provide an unobtrusive and secure way for you to authenticate users and keep your network secure.A captive portal allows you to redirect a previously unauthorized user to a web based form where they can be authenticated before they are given complete access to your network’s full range of features.

captive portal for internal networks

How the miniOrange Captive Portal Helps Your Network?

We here at miniOrange pride ourselves for providing the most comprehensive and secure Single Sign On and IDP solutions across the industry. Using this expertise with Authentication, we enhance the typical Captive Portal in its ability to support multiple authentication methods, while still providing the highest levels of security. The entire workflow moves according to the flowchart below:

need of captive portal

authnetication with captive portal
Support for multiple authentication methods

A large number of varying authentication methods are supported. From OTP over SMS to Active Directory Authentication and many others.

implementation of captive portal
Highly configurable and secure implementation of the Captive Portal

The Captive Portal implementation is made completely secure, to protect your network and users from any malicious actors.

Access control with captive portal
Group/Role Based Authentication

Allows you to authenticate and group users based on existing groups that they may be a part of. While also allowing you to give vaying

time based control with captive portal
Time Limited Access

You would have the ability to set time limits, setting restrictions on how exactly how long users would have access to the services

identity verification with captive portal
User Identity Verification

Each user’s identity is authenticated through the authentication method set, otherwise the user is barred from accessing the services.

data limiting with captive portal
Data Limiting

You would als be able to set data limits on the internet activity of each individual user.

What the miniOrange Captive Portal Allows You to Do

The captive portal is presented to the client and is stored either at the gateway or on a web server hosting the web page. After authentication the clients MAC address is stored, as a form of verification.Depending on the feature set of the gateway, websites or TCP ports can be white-listed so that the user would not have to interact with the captive portal in order to use them.

captive portal policies

Advantages of Using the miniOrange Captive Portal

Separating Networks

Keeping guests in a separate network group prevents malicious usage of network resources. We help you by creating these separate guest networks with reduced privileges and permissions, helping you keep your internal network secure.

User Management and Statistics

Repeat customers, length of stays, and demographics are all categories of data that can be collected through the captive portal. This would allow your business to collect and analyse a variety of user information as per your needs.

Legal Liability

When a user connects to a guest network via the captive portal, they are required to agree to a terms and agreement and an acceptable usage policy. These outline what the user is and is not allowed to do on the network and state that legal repercussions.

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