Login Protection and Spam Protection

Many attackers run scripts on the website to gain access to your account. To prevent this there are different security measures you can take. You can add protection on login like limiting the number of attempts, the second layer of security multifactor authentication and Captcha to detect a bot.


Key Features

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Brute Force Attacks

Brute Force attack is a trial and error method to obtain the information such as passwords, PIN, DES keys. Limiting the number of times a user can unsuccessfully trying to log in.

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Spam Protection

Protect from spam comment, only valid comment will be posted.

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Multifactor Authentication

This adds a secondary layer to the primary form of authentication. For example, you need to add a 4 or 6 digit passcode with the username and password for login.

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This prevents bots from executing the automated scripts that appear in brute force attacks, while still being easy for a human to pass by.

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Strong Passwords

Strong password protect data from unauthorized access. i. e. difficult for both humans and computer programs to detect.


User Protection

Prevent user from unauthorized access. Provide multiple authentication methods.

15+ Authentication Methods

Provides two factor authentication during login via a range of methods, including text message, hardware tokens and many more.

High Security

Prevent from malware using malware scanner, malicious attacks using WAF and many more.

Easy To Use

Simple user interface. Just a few clicks and you are good to go.


We provide 24x7 support in case you face any issues while using the product.


Login Security and Spam Protection

Price starting form

$15 /site/year

$35 /5 sites/year

$60 /10 sites/year

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Blocking time period You can block IPs either temporarily for time period or permenantly. PREMIUM
Common Password Detection We maintain a database of constantly updating common passwords. We will prevent users from having common passwords that lead to access to hackers. PREMIUM
Advanced CAPTHCA We have Math, word and Google Recaptcha on posts, comments, login and Registration. PREMIUM
Two Factor Authentication We have Auto User Registration for 2fa, Remember Device, 10+ Authentication methods and many other features. PREMIUM
Spam Protectin and Honeypot Honeypot on login, registration, comments and posts to identify IPs. CAPTHCA on posts to protect spam. PREMIUM

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